Pastor Byron Richardson

Was born in St. Louis Missouri.  God called him into the ministry at a very early age. He was ordained at the young age of 16 by Bishop R. J. Ward of St. Louis, Mo. Pastor Richardson is a God fearing man of integrity and serves God's people in the spirit of excellence. Pastor Richardson has a mandate from God; he has been called, separated and chosen. He obeyed his assignment and became the founder of Extreme Gospel Worship Center in February 2008.  He is passionate for the people of God and delivers the gospel to all ages.

Pastor Richardson majored in theology at Liberty Bible College. He had a short career in the sport of football, professionally and semi-pro prior to an injury. During that time he witnessed to many on and off the field. He is young at heart, a mentor and spiritual father to many.  He diligently embraces the young and seeks wisdom from the wise. Pastor Richardson is known to have the gift of a servant's heart and diligently delivers the Word of God  sound doctrine uncompromised.

 Pastor Richardson had the privilege and honor of being mentored by Bishop George D. McKinney while he served humbly as his adjutant for many years, prior to the founding of Extreme Gospel Worship Center.

As the Shepherd of his congregation, God gave Pastor Richardson  a specific charge for the church coming from the book of  Isaiah 42:6;  I, the Lord have called you to demonstrate my righteousness. I will guard you and support you, for I have given you to my people as the personal confirmation of my covenant with them. And you will be a light to guide all nations to me. He has a heart of Gold and loves all of God's people compasionately. And right by his side is his lovely wife, his soul-mate from God. 


Lady Barbara Richardson

Was born and raised in San Diego, Calif.  She  is the co-founder of Extreme Gospel Worship Center and the Founder of Children of Life Preschool Academy serving children ages 2 - 5. She is a God fearing woman, a Virtuous woman,  a teacher by nature, a nurturer and developer.  She is one who has been called to teach, model and mold others to be Christ like. She is very compassionate about mentoring the youth, and helping them prepare for the corporate industry.

God removed Lady Richardson from the Corporate Financial Banking Industry of 27 years and placed her into His storehouse to prepare the people of God for their works of service in building up the body of Christ and becoming mature saints Ephesians 4:11-13. During her banking career she became the first African American within the corporation to receive many prestigious awards, one being Tribute to Women and Industry (YWCA).

 She stands firmly beside her husband in support of the ministry that God has ordained them to lead. Lady Richardson is President & founder of  the Women's ministry 'Women of Wisdom'.  She is responsible for most of the behind the scenes within the church and passionately loves serving the Lord and His people. Through the willingness and faithfulness she portrays, she strives for the flame of her love and dedication to burn brightly for future generations to come!